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Citroën even more generous for the September Open Days

The Citroën C4 seen from behind with a red body, black two-tone roof

Since the beginning of the year, Citroën has shown itself to be much more combative, with a series of commercial offers that make concrete its promise to make the electric car accessible, notably thanks to the ëC4 available from 199€/month. The brand has decided to go even further for the Open Days organised this weekend of 16 and 17 September.

During the last Open Days in June, Citroën launched the C3 You from 99 €/month and the C3 Aircross from 139 €/month, offers that enabled Citroën to achieve record Open Days and a month of historic orders from individual customers.

For this weekend's Open Days (16 and 17 September), the brand is going even further by offering the colour of your choice with any C3 order, in addition to the offers available in particular on C3 You, which remains accessible from €99/month.

Citroën is also highlighting discounts on vehicles immediately available in stock, valid for all orders from its network AND on its website. These discounts are as follows

  • 750 € on C3 Aircross without Feel Pack

  • 1.500 € on C4 thermal engines

  • 1,000 € on electric C4 (excl. You finish)

  • 750 €on thermal C4

  • 1,000 € on electric C4

  • 1,500 € on thermal C5 Aircross

  • 1,500 € towards the plug-in hybrid C5 Aircross

  • 1,000 € on C5 X thermal and plug-in hybrids

As a reminder, these discounts are only available on vehicles in stock and apply to all orders placed directly online or through a branded dealer.

Finally, this weekend's Open Days will also be an opportunity to discover the brand's particularly attractive L.O.A* offers across its entire range. In fact, Citroën has reduced these rental prices in recent months, making it easier and more accessible for customers to upgrade to a better equipped model:

  • The C3 is available from €99/month for the You version, the higher versions are offered at €139 (Plus) and €195 (Max) or between €40 and €56 more per month.

  • The C3 Aircross is available from €139 per month in the You version,

  • The C4 You electric remains available from €199/month and the thermal version starts at €249/month.

  • The C4 X starts at €229/month in the electric version and €259/month in the thermal version.

  • The C5 Aircross is available from €239/month for the thermal version and from €369/month for the plug-in hybrid.

  • The C5 X is available from €349/month for the thermal version and from €439/month for the plug-in hybrid.

  • Finally, the electric Berlingo is available from €209/month

* with a contribution of between €2,000 and €6,000 depending on the model, no contribution for the electric C4.

As we can see, Citroën has returned to the fray with the firm intention of regaining the ground lost in recent months, and the first effects, particularly in terms of orders, are real. Citroën wants to underline this with these September Open Days, which will take place on 16 and 17 September, and is even more generous with additional discounts for vehicles in stock and ordered through the Citroën network or online. So, for readers who are thinking of changing their car, these Open Days could well prove interesting and I invite you to visit the dealer, if only to discover the latest models, including the C4, which hasn't been done yet.

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