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Citroën C4 X: opening of combustion engine orders in the United Kingdom

The Citroën C4 X in profile on a white body now available with combustion engines

When it was launched in January 2023, the new C4 X was available in France with thermal and electric motors, but other European countries had decided to offer it only with electric motors. Belgium and Germany had already done so a few weeks ago, and now it is the turn of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom to market the thermal versions.

It is to meet the strong demand for heat engines that these countries are returning, which will allow the C4 X to see its sales really take off in Europe, which at the moment is showing rather low scores.

United Kingdom

The C4 X is now available in petrol (100 and 130) and diesel (130) thermal versions, the Puretech 100 engine is only available with the 6-speed manual gearbox, while the other engines have the EAT8 automatic gearbox.

The petrol versions will be available with four trim levels: Sense (Feel), Sense plus (Feel pack), Shine and Shine plus (Shine pack), while the diesel engine is only available in Shine plus (Shine pack). .

The great advantage of offering the combustion engines is that the entry ticket to the C4 X range is significantly lower, since the Puretech 100 BVM 6 version starts at 22,080 pounds sterling, i.e. 25,700 euros, while the electric offer starts at 31,995 pounds sterling or 37,200 euros, or almost 12,000 euros difference in favour of the petrol engine.

The Netherlands

Here, too, the C4 X range is enriched with thermal versions, this time only with the 1.2 Puretech engine, available in 100 and 130 bhp versions. The 100 bhp version is only available with a manual gearbox, while the 130 bhp version has an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

Here again, the enormous advantage of offering combustion engines and significantly reducing the sales price of the C4 X, now available from €32,560, while the electric version starts at €40,990, a drop of more than €8,000.

The 1.2 100 engine is available in the Feel version, while the 1.2 130 engine is available in the Feel Pack (€36,320) and Shine (€38,610) versions.

In conclusion, the arrival of the thermal engines on the C4 X reflects the strong demand for the car, especially for these engines. Deliveries of the thermal C4 X should start in July, which should lead to an increase in sales of the C4 X in Europe, especially as the Madrid plant will be able to increase its production from September and thus respond more easily to demand, which bodes well for Citroën's renewed assault on the European market.

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