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August 2023 review - Portugal car market: Citroën in great shape

The Citroën C4 seen from three quarter front

Portugal is experiencing the same situation as the various European markets, with a further increase in sales for the month of August. In fact, with 15,702 units sold, the Portuguese car market recorded growth of 17.7%, an increase that appears to be lower than that recorded in other European markets.

In this context, sales of the

  • ALFA ROMÉO, down 64.5% to 11 units

  • CITROËN, up 49.7% to 765 units for a market share of 5.86%; and

  • DS were up 34.6% to 105 units for a market share of 0.80%.

  • FIAT fell 46.7% to 378 units, giving a market share of 2.90%.

  • JEEP down 31.4% to 59 units

  • MASERATI are 3 units

  • OPEL fell 4.8% to 400 units, giving a market share of 3.07%.

  • PEUGEOT are up 24.2% to 1,395 units for a market share of 10.69%.

In total, Stellantis sold 3,116 units, an increase of 6.20% and a market share of 19.84%. For once, Citroën was the group's best performer in August, both in terms of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, with a significant increase in sales. With 269 units sold, Citroën increased its sales of commercial vehicles by 71.3% and took second place with a market share of 14.07%. On the overall market, including VP + LCV, Citroën's sales rose by 54.8% to 1,034 units, putting it in 4th place in terms of overall sales.

This good performance in August also allowed Citroën to increase its sales for the year as a whole, with an increase of 10.7% to 9,237 units sold, representing a market share of 5.88% (VP+LCV), a good performance for the brand, even if it underperformed the market, which recorded an increase of 34.3%.

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