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Citroën will launch a new large sedan to replace the C5 and C6, which will stand out from the competition by bringing "something different" to the class standard, confirmed CEO Linda Jackson.

The new car, evoked by the C-xperience concept unveiled at the Paris Motor Show 2016, will be launched in 2019 or 2020, according to Autocar.

" It won't be a new C5," said Jackson. "But there will be a new big sedan, because having one in the queue is a crucial part of being a big manufacturer, to be credible, you need a range for small, medium and large cars , including SUVs. you cover the volume and profit requirements for success in this business through the fleet and private sales. "

Jackson confirmed that much of the car's business case was demand-driven in China. While the market has evolved from a sedan to an SUV drive, large sedans continue to command a large number of sales and offer strong profit margins. Last year, Citroën sales in China fell 47.3% due to the shift to SUVs and increasing competition from local automakers, a problem Jackson sought to solve by launching the C5 Aircross there.

" Despite all the change, China is still our second largest market, and saloons are still a significant part of this market," said Jackson.

Confirming that the C-xperience was referring to the sedan, Jackson added: "Like all concept cars, it was made to test the reaction, and the car will evolve, but - and I know I'm biased - I I liked the production car and it gave a view of a luxury flagship without any of the traditional clues of chrome, leather or lacquered wood.

"It looks slightly advanced from the front that will arrive in production, it can also be the showcase of our ideal of redefining comfort, in terms of interior and driving balance and handling with our new Advanced Comfort suspension. "

Citroën Cxperience concept previews Advanced Comfort technology

When it was first revealed, C-xperience was originally presented as a nonspecific concept looking at the future design directions that the company could take. The DS 5 was the largest car in Citroën's portfolio before it separated from the luxury brand, although a version of the C6 is still sold in China.

At 4.85 meters long, the C-xperience is similar in length to the last C6. Its low height (1.37 m), long wheelbase (3.0 m) and plunging roofline may have been designed for a dramatic effect, but they were also interpreted as a sign of the determination of the The Citroën design team to continue began with the C4 Cactus in 2014. By comparison, a Ford Mondeo is 4.87 m long and 1.5 m high and has a wheelbase of 2.8 m.

However, Citroën insiders hope to be able to stand out from class leaders such as the Mondeo and the Volkswagen Passat by invoking a more adult version of the style that has proven to be so successful on the C4 Cactus, C3, C3 Aircross and C5 Aircross . .

Nor is it a coincidence that the name C-xperience refers to the CX, built between 1974 and 1991, winning the European car of the year trophy in 1975 and collecting more than 1.2 million sales during his lifetime. The CX stood out for its aerodynamic profile, which earned it a name and which brought it new trends when it was first launched.

The new C5 and C6 would benefit not only from a striking exterior design, but also from a dashboard with clean lines, a large touch screen and lounge style chairs at the front and rear.

"Our main message is" Be different, feel good, " and every car we build will embody that philosophy," said Jackson.

Citroën's Advanced Comfort program will also be essential. Although this should be introduced before the arrival of the new sedans, its basic principle of using a completely new suspension system to put driving comfort at the heart of the make-up of the car, while filtering out noise and external vibrations , brings Citroën back to its historic strength of creating visually striking cars that prioritize comfort. Potentially, this also gives Citroën a technological advantage over its rivals, supporting another core brand value established under the leadership of Jackson to offer cutting-edge technology.

"We have the history and the DNA to build unique and rewarding cars , " said Jackson. "We want Citroën to be an attractive, ambitious and emblematic brand, whatever the segment in which it operates."

Sales of C5s in Europe are the new markets that will determine the success of the new large sedan: they sold 145,000 units in Europe in 2002, but only 14,000 last year. The C6, meanwhile, peaked at 7,000 units in Europe in 2007 but sold less than 1,000 units by the time it was killed in 2012.

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