New Citroën Berlingo 2018

La troisième génération poursuit la saga d’une silhouette décalée, simple et fonctionnelle, qui a su innover au fil du temps pour devenir la référence du « sens pratique », partenaire de tous les loisirs et de toutes les familles. Le Berlingo évolue en parfaite cohérence avec les derniers modèles de la Marque. Il gagne en modernité par son design et son confort tout en renforçant sa fraîcheur d’esprit et la praticité qui ont fait le succès de ce modèle iconique, vendu à plus de 1,7 million d’exemplaires.  Il adopte ainsi les éléments identitaires du style Citroën et une nouvelle morphologie qui lui procurent une attitude à la fois robuste et bienveillante.

Nouveau Berlingo renforce également chacun de ses points forts en termes de modularité et d’espace à bord pour offrir le plus de facilité au quotidien (3 sièges arrière indépendants escamotables en toute simplicité, plancher plat jusqu’au siège passager avant escamotable, 2,70m de chargement,100l de coffre en plus). 


Parfaitement dans son époque, il profite d’une nouvelle plateforme et se dote de 19 technologies d’aide à la conduite et 4 technologies de connectivité, des motorisations de dernière génération comme le nouveau Diesel 1.5 BlueHDi, l’essence 1.2 PureTech ou la boîte automatique EAT8, et d’une liaison au sol typée confort. Désormais disponible en 2 tailles M et XL de 4,40m et 4,75m en 5 et 7 places.

The third generation continues the saga of an offbeat silhouette, simple and functional, which has innovated over time to become the reference of "practical sense", partner of all leisure and all families. The Berlingo evolves in perfect coherence with the last models of the Brand. It gains in modernity by its design and comfort while reinforcing the freshness and practicality that made the success of this iconic model, sold more than 1.7 million copies. He thus adopts the identity elements of the Citroën style and a new morphology that give him an attitude that is both robust and benevolent. New Berlingo also enhances each of its strengths in terms of modularity and space on board to offer the most ease in everyday life (3 easy-to-retractable independent rear seats, flat floor to retractable front passenger seat, 2,70m loading, 100l of trunk and more). Perfectly in its time, it benefits from a new platform and acquires 19 technologies for driving assistance and 4 connectivity technologies, latest generation engines like the new Diesel 1.5 BlueHDi, 1.2 PureTech gasoline or the box. automatic EAT8, and a typed comfort footprint. Now available in 2 sizes M and XL of 4,40m and 4,75m in 5 and 7 places.



This third generation of Berlingo in its version intended for individuals is, for Citroën, a major model for the Brand and within its segment. A model still in vogue that represents the smart purchase for families or seniors who find there the ideal partner of their active life with many faces. They represent a community attached to a different automotive object, friendly and not ostentatious, and seek above all volume, practicality and simplicity, while waiting for more design, comfort and modernity. True to the new brand signature "Inspired By You", New Citroën Berlingo responds with design and comfort.



More modern, the Citroën Berlingo offers a robust and imposing attitude of adventurer, without losing its fresh and offbeat character:

A different morphology with an advanced windshield and a front block higher and shorter, thanks in particular to the adoption at the front of the EMP2 platform which allows a shorter front overhang,

A consistent front face of the Citroën Brand Identity with the double-stage light signature and customization of round corner fog lamps,

A fluid silhouette marked by worked flanks, Airbump® at the bottom of doors, or a vanishing line behind the pavilion stimulating the silhouette,

A clear interior in the Citroën spirit with an aerial dashboard, and several interior moods

Customization with color highlights: Color White or Orange packs (XTR pack)

Two sizes M and XL of 4,40m and 4,75m, each available in 5 and 7 places.



New Citroën Berlingo capitalizes on its strengths to offer the simplest synthesis to live:

Exceptional modularity with 3 individual seats in the rear seats that can be retracted by a simple action in the trunk on the Magic Flat® * controls. Associated with the front passenger seat also retractable, this allows to obtain an integral flat floor and a loading length of up to 2,70m to the floor in Size M and 3,05m in Size XL,

2 large sliding side doors that receive electric down windows,

A trunk volume of reference, increased by 100l to reach 775l in Size M, easily accessible thanks to the opening rear window and its shelf cover - 2 positions,

28 more clever and important storage units (up to 186 liters), such as the new generation Modutop® multi-function louvre offering more brightness or the Top Box glove box, unique thanks to the Airbag in Roof.


In addition, New Citroën Berlingo reinforces its services by adopting:

The EMP2 platform in its synthesis before, which allows it to gain in maneuverability (electric power steering, turning circle), optimize the mass and access the latest driving aids, while the rear synthesis is renewed for more payload and keep its width between wheel arches,

19 driver assistance technologies such as Color Head-up Display, Adaptive Cruise Control with STOP function, Electric Parking Brake, Rear View Camera with Top Rear Vision, Grip Control with Hill Assist Descent or Control stability of the coupling,

4 connectivity technologies like Citroën Connect Nav or Recharge wireless for smartphone,

A typing of the ground link benefiting from the best Citroën know-how at the service of comfort,

A wide range of powerful engines like the new 1.5 BlueHDi or the automatic EAT8, as well as the 1.2 PureTech.

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