Citroën C5 Aircross : European presentation

Le nouveau SUV C5 Aircross est le nouveau porte drapeau de Citroën.  Ce SUV Nouvelle Génération, inspiré par les attentes des clients, est doté d’un caractère unique et affirmé. Il propose une offre de personnalisation inédite avec 30 combinaisons extérieures. Porteur du programme Citroën Advanced Comfort®, Nouveau SUV C5 Aircross est le SUV le plus modulable et le plus confortable de son segment. Equipé des suspensions avec Butées Hydrauliques Progressives® et des sièges Advanced Comfort, il propose une nouvelle expérience à bord typiquement Citroën. Il dispose également d’une modularité unique avec 3 sièges arrière individuels coulissants, escamotables et inclinables, et un coffre Best in Class de 580 L à 720 L.

The new SUV C5 Aircross is the new flag carrier of Citroën. This new generation SUV, inspired by the expectations of customers, has a unique and assertive character. It offers an unprecedented customization offer with 30 exterior combinations. Citroën Advanced Comfort® Program Carrier, New SUV C5 Aircross is the most versatile and comfortable SUV in its segment. Equipped with suspensions with Progressive Hydraulic Stops® and Advanced Comfort seats, it offers a new experience on board typically Citroën. It also has a unique modularity with 3 individual sliding, retractable and reclining rear seats, and a Best in Class trunk from 580 L to 720 L.


Modern and high-tech, it receives 20 technologies of driving aids including the Highway Driver Assist, autonomous driving device of level 2, or the Grip Control with Hill Assist Descent to think outside the box, as well as 6 technologies of connectivity , including wireless charging for smartphones. Produced in France at the Rennes - La Janais plant, New SUV C5 Aircross will be marketed in Europe and the rest of the world by the end of 2018, and will be the first Citroën vehicle to have a PHEV Plug-In Hybrid version by the end of 2019.



Like the latest Citroën models, the C5 Aircross has a wide range of customization options, with 30 combinations on the outside, combining 7 body colors, a black two-tone roof offering and 3 color packs with inserts. colored on the front bumper, on the Airbump® at the bottom of the front doors and under the roof bars. It also has 5 interior atmospheres, whose complementary Couleurs & Matières typologies play on clarity and warmth, in a trendy and rewarding 'casual chic' spirit.



Carrier of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® program, New SUV C5 Aircross stands out for its comfort and approach to the space on board. It innovates with its overall comfort, typically Citroën, with two major innovations, the Citroën suspensions with Progressive Hydraulic Stops®, and the Advanced Comfort seats, for unparalleled filtration quality and driving comfort: a real invitation to travel for all passengers. It offers a unique modularity on the segment, resulting from the unique know-how of Citroën in the world of MPV, including 3 individual rear seats, sliding, retractable and reclining and a Best in Class trunk volume ranging from 580 L to 720 L .



SUV Citroën C5 Aircross: Also in Hybrid

Citroën will offer, from the end of 2019, a plug-in hybrid version of its Cercaircross SUV. Equipped with a 180 horsepower petrol engine and an electric motor for a cumulative power of 225 horses, it will enjoy a 100% electric autonomy of 50 kilometers.

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