Future DS 4 -2020 (D41)

Born elevated sedan, the previous generation of DS4 turned into SUVise sedan during its restyling, which did not boost sales, proximity to the C4 and fixed rear windows had been right for the car. Since then, the second generation of DS branded products is starting to see the light of day with the DS7 then Ds3 Crossback, two SUVs. The next generation DS4 will have a dual proposition in the segment, similar to those of its competitors, namely a sedan and an SUV.


The DS4 Crossback SUV will arrive first on the market in the course of 2020. It will be based on the EMP2 platform, as well as the DS4 sedan, and will share many technical elements with the DS4 sedan, like Mercedes can do with the A-Class and GLA. Positioned like a real SUV, namely with a high ground clearance, solid protections around the body, the DS4 Crossback will be the adventurer

The DS4 sedan, which will be launched at the end of 2021, still built in Sochaux, will be the "sage" of the duo although its style will not be anything wise as DS likes to do. Thus, the future DS4 sedan should radically change compared to the first DS4. It will offer a long hood and a rather low roof, the Ds4 will be a real sedan, or the opposite of the DS4 Crossback.


Inside, the next generation of DS4 should adopt a double touch screen bringing the physical buttons to the bare minimum, the dashboard would be identical on the sedan and the SUV.


In conclusion, the next generation of DS4 will follow the trend observed in premium brands which is to offer a very typical sedan sedan and a real SUV next to it in order to perfectly cover the market.

If it is agreed that the Divine DS concept should not influence this next compact duo much, perhaps the Code X concept reveals some clues. Anyway, it will be necessary for DS that the duo DS4 - DS4 Crossback is a winning duo.


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